The Imperial Japanese Navy entered the Second World War with a state-of-the-art fleet of warships. By the end of the war, a majority of these ships, estimated to be about 2,500 vessels, were sunk, or made inoperable due to damage. Although Japanese warships were some of the most graceful warships built, photographic records and technical details of these ships are relatively scarce since a significant portion of this material was lost during the war. A good example is the Imperial Japanese Navy (IJN) cruiser Tone illustrated above. This beautiful and unique ship has long sweeping hulls characteristic of Japanese warships. All of her main armament (four dual 8 inch turrets) were positioned in the forward part of her hull. To the best of my knowledge, there are only 3-4 reasonably good photos of this ship.

Who I am - For a short bibliography, please refer to the feature article at Bob Mackie's excellent "Warships" site.

My goal is to collect (there is an extensive and illustrated reference section in this site) and use available technical and photographic material and the 3D authoring software such as Autodesk 3ds Max and TrueSpace 6 and Photoshop to reconstruct accurate models of the mechanism of these ships.

Sister sites: If you are interested in the operational histories of individual IJN ships, I would refer you to Jon Parshall's excellent Nihon Kaigun site. If you are interested in an open forum on IJN ship, go to the Japanese Navy & Ship forum. There you will be able to discuss this interesting topic with many experts in this area from all over the world.

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